miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

As many of you may know, the Yenny Animated Series project has been on hold for the lack of funding to create the first test pilot. The series concept has been presented to several producers of the animation industry but a test pilot of the series is necessary to reach this goal. Black Maria will be in charge of creating this pilot and for that we created this fund raising page via kickstarter.com to do this the proper and legal way. Please check the webpage for the information. Let's finally make this real!

For more info, please visit this link:

Yenny la Serie Animada

Como muchos de ustedes sabrán, la Serie Animada de Yenny a estado en hiato por la falta de fondos para crear el episodio piloto. El concepto de la serie ha sido presentado a varias casas productoras de animación pero un episodio piloto es necesario para alcanzar ésta meta. Black Maria Animation estará a cargo de crear este episodio. Para esto hemos hecho ésta página para levantar los fondos necesarios y así poder producir éste primer capítulo de una manera adecuada y formal. Por favor, visiten la página para más detalles. ¡Hagamos este proyecto real por fin!

Para más detalles, por favor visiten éste enlace:

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Dear, angry mob from Gocomics

NOTE: I gave it some tought and I won't be stopping the strip at Gocomics. I'm dealing with the problem and the books will be shipped. PERIOD. I have a no refund policy which makes it MY responsability that YOU get your book one way or the other. That means that you WILL get it. I was granted moderator privileges at my strip and I'll be supervising the comments from now on. Readers don't have to suffer from other people's behavior. I have an email dalvarez@davealvarezstudio.com. Should you have any comments you may write to me personally and if your comment is about your book order, you already read what's happening so you'll have to wait until it arrives.

I recently read the written chaos at Gocomics regarding the long wait for the Yenny books.

When I originally started the Art book project, I was counting on a printing shop, that was going to print the necessary books as I ordered them. Unfortunately the print shop I chose had closed their shop before pre-orders of the book ended.

This left me having to look high and low for another printing shop that would finish the job. Complications of the search were from companies needing at LEAST 2,000 copies to be printed, but the amount of pre-sold Yenny books was less than 10 percent of that.

I've chosen a new print shop that would print the necessary copies, but they are charging a lot more to print. The higher amount charged for printing literally leaves me with little to no compensation for all of the time and effort I put on this book. Despite this, I'm still obligated to my promise and I'm still in the process of delivering books. I currently have a new batch and they will be shipped this week.
I have orders from China and Russia which paid US postage. Postage that I have to pay extra because of this mistake.
The first book batch was picked up by hand at Puerto Rico Comic Con.

Unfortunately, due to all these setbacks, Another printed "Yenny book" in the future would be very unlikely.
I will only have PDF downloads from now on.

Judging by Yenny's popularity, many people might think that I own a gigantic company but the truth is that this is a one man show.

Once again thanks for your patience.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Complete your Yenny comic book collection

As you can see on the left bar, some classic Yenny comic book publications are avaiable as PDF download files.


A) Make your selection on the left bar
B) Once you click on the selection it'll direct you to a Paypal link
C) Make your Paypal payment
D) A notification will be sent to our system
E) Allow 24 hours and a link to a PDF file will be delivered to your email

Well, that's basically it. More publications will be added monthly.


sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

The long wait is over. As you can see on the picture, I finally have the proofread test of The Art of Yenny book. Copies will be sent out in a timely manner.
I apologize for all the inconveniences. This experience has proven to me that the printing media gets more difficult every day. Printing shops are sky-rocketing their prices without previous advice, making book publictions almost impossible.
Besides that, with stores like Borders claiming bankruptcy, market for books is so narrow that there's no way to recover a publishing investment.
So, people, I haven't lost your address. Be patience. It'll arrive soon.

martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Regresa Yenny de los Sábados

A petición del público regresa Yenny en tamaño grande en el periódico Primera Hora y online en www.gocomics.com/yenny
También regresan las "Modas de Yenny" en la cuál tu tienes la oportunidad de diseñar ropa ara Yenny y ella la modelará en la parte de arriba de la tira cómica.
Envíanos tu diseño a;

PMB #72, 400 Calle Calaf,
San Juan, PR 00918