lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

¡Yenny y Tomate REALES!

Ha habido ocasiones en que Yenny ha sido interpretada por talentosas modelos como Verushka Lianne, Andrea Batista, o Amarilis Mejia para algunos Expos y presentaciones en vivo.
A veces he recibido fotos de chicas que se parecen a ella y algunos otros personajes como por ejemplo Tomate.
Si quieres conocerlas y comentar visita el Facebook de Yenny:

Every now and then, Yenny has been performed live by some talented models as Verushka Lianne, Andrea Batista or Amarilis Mejia for some Expos and live presentations.
I also get pictures from girls who pose as their favorite Yenny character such as Tomato.
If you wish to see them go to

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

The FINAL Yenny Statue by Patch Together!

This is how the Yenny statue will finally look like.
An awesome work by Patch Together!
Order yours at:

Asi se va a ver el producto final. ¡Tremendo trabajo de Patch Together!

Ordena la tuya aqui:








jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010


The statue is simply AWESOME! Patch Together did an AWESOME work!!! Click on the link at your left to order yours!



miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Interview to Andrea Batista alias Cosplay Yenny


1)So Ms. Batista, how long have you been a fan of Yenny and her comics?
Honestly, I just recently discovered Yenny this year! But that doesn’t mean I love her any less ;)

2) What made you want to cosplay Yenny for this comic convention?
Well, it was a convention dedicated to local comic books, and from all the comic books being presented at the con, Yenny was the one that stood out to me the most!

3) We all know Yenny’s usual attire. Didn’t you feel cold or too exposed?
I have to confess I did feel a little exposed. Kinda like a stripper walking into a Discovery Zone. Haha! But I got used to it after a while. People that know Yenny knew I was wearing exactly what she wears in her comic, so I felt better


4)That’s a lot of exposed skin. Is that a belly button ring?
Yep! Ive had it for a long time.

5)How old are you, Andrea?
I’m 22yo!

6)Do you do this cosplay thing in a professional way or just for fun?
Entirely for fun! I got into cosplay a couple years ago. I love dressing up as my favorite characters.

7)Do you have huge feet too? What size?
Im a size 9, not even close to Yennys feet, haha

8)Do you keep a diet or practice some kind of sports?
Oh god no, I cant diet to save my life. But I do like to keep active by dancing. Ive been dancing since I was 4


9)Do you exercise?
As I said dancing, and walking to class!

10) Do you do any professional acting or performances?
I love acting, and performing. I was in some drama competitions in highschool, and plenty dance recitals :P But not professionally!

11) You are very pretty. Are you a professional model?
Aww… I’m flattered! But no, I am not a professional model.

12) I have to ask. Yenny is hyper ticklish. Are you ticklish too? Where?
I am ridiculously ticklish. Anywhere from my belly area to my feet. The palms of my hands are oddly ticklish as well…

13) How many stares did you got at that convention?
Quite a few. Many from people that recognized Yenny, and I suppose many from people who were just wondering who the heck I was and why was i walking around in shortie shorts and a tube top thing. Haha!

14) Did people recognized you immediately or did they have trouble wondering who were you cosplaying?
A lot of people recognized me, mainly people who worked with local comics and-or had read it. Some people asked me straight up who I was! So I would just show them the comic book and theyd be like ‘oooooohhhhhhhh`’ ;p

15)What other characters have you cosplayed?
Ive also cosplayed as Jade from Mortal Kombat, Slave Princess Leia from Star Wars (return of the jedi) , and recently I did my own brunette version of Cammy from Street Fighter JPhotobucket

16) Andrea, have you met the previous girls who dressed up as Yenny?
Nope! I haven´t gotten the chance to.

17) Damn, is it my monitor or do you look very tall? How tall are you?
Im only 5'8! im not that tall!

18) I noticed that you went with an average short instead of cutoffs. And also you didn't make the flags on the back pockets. Are you planing to do that if you plan to cosplay Yenny again?
Definetly! Im planning on getting the pants just right for the next time. Althought I am planning on making Yenny´s Carizzio University uniform for the next con. We``ll see how that goes.

19) How many dates did you picked up at that Con? *LOL!
LOL, dates? none. I dont think cons is exactly the place to pick up dates, is it? hahaha

20) Choosing a character as Yenny for a cosplay is a bold decision. Did your friends pushed you to do it?
Not at all. Actually, my friends didnt even know who Yenny was. After I showed them, some of them just laughed. ``oh andrea...`` they would say. They probably thought it figures I would cosplay as someone like Yenny. We have a few things in common. Lol

21)When are you planing to cosplay Yenny again?
At this year´s PR Comic Con ! Hopefully, in Yenny`'s very cute university uniform! Pigtails, bows and everything. So keep on the lookout :)


lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

Andrea Batista alias Cosplay Yenny

One day Andrea decided to go as Yenny for a Comic Convention and it certainly was an adventure for her. I'll be uploading an interview this week. This is your chance to send in your questions too.

Uhm...Only PG rated questions you lil' hormone wild monkeys!


Un día, Andrea decició ir disfrazada de Yenny como cosplay para una actividad de comics y ciertamente fue una aventura para ella. Esta semana voy a subir una entrevista. Tienen la oportunidad de enviar sus preguntas también.

¡Este....solo preguntas PG, monitos hormonales!

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Vote for Yenny in Carizzio Uniform as a statue

Yenny in Carizzio uniform as a statue is up at Patch Together for voting. (Click on the link above to make her popular)

martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

The Yenny Statue is ready for Preorder!! La estatua de Yenny está lista para pre ordernar!

The new Yenny statue is ready for preorder at Patch Together! They need at least 20 preorders to start production. Here are the statue descriptions:

* 9 inches tall
* Resin
* The base will be the Puertorican Amapola
*Preorder price: $44. 95. Once the preorder ends, the retail price will be $52.95, so hurry!

Once again, thanks everyone for your support!

¡La nueva estatua de Yenny está lista para preordenar en Patch Together! Se necesitan al menos 20 órdenes para empezar la producción. Aquí está la descripción:

* 9 pulgadas de alto
* Material: Resina
* La base será el simbolo de la amapola
* El precio de preorden es $44.95. Luego que las preordenes terminen, el precio de venta será $52.95, asi que aprovechen ahora!

¡Nuevamente, gracias por su apoyo!

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

Vote for the new Yenny figure! Vota por la nueva figura de Yenny!


Here's the chance of getting your paws on what you always wanted, a Yenny figure! But for that to happen you must vote first.

The website "Patch Together" chose a Yenny design to recreate a statue of her. If she gets enough votes, then the other characters like Yunissa, Tomato, Margot, Zacha...etc... come next.

So go ahead, click on what you consider is the highest score, (I'm not going to say it's 5)



Hint: There's a button on the right corner that says "embed this design". Copy that link to your website and help promote the new Villa Los Kubos lineup.



Aqui tienen la oportunidad que siempre han querido...Tener su propia figura de Yenny. Pero para que eso ocurra, hay que votar primero.

El website "Patch Together" escogió un diseño de Yenny para convertirlo en figura o estatua. Si Yenny tiene suficientes votos, entonces otros personajes de la serie como Yunissa, Tomate, Zacha, Margot...etc... vendrían después.

Asi que denle su mejor voto (No voy a decir que es el 5)

Idea: Hay un botón al final de la página abajo que dice "embed this design". Copienlo y pongalo en sus páginas para atraer más votos y asi lograr por fin la nueva linea de personajes de Villa Los Kubos.

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

The Art of Yenny pre orders available now!

The Art of Yenny book will be a very limited edition so I decided to open the preorder options today.

Just click on the "Buy it Now" button under the book image at your left to reserve your copy now.

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Nuevo Comic: Yenny: Dias de modelaje

Como muchos saben, el Puerto Rico Comic Con será el 24 y el 25 de abril

Allí se estará estrenando el nuevo comic de Yenny titulado: "Dias de Modelaje".
Tendrá 24 páginas full color de las aventuras de la chica peli-azul favorita de Puerto Rico.
¡No faltes porque la edición será limitada!

domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

The new format

I'm glad that many of you like the new Yenny format for online reading. I know that the average 600 x 72 dpi size was barely unreadable but I was just following directions. *sigh*.

I created my own "curse" when I decided to draw Yenny in a very elaborate way. Now I understand why Ziggy looks so simple.

I hear tales from fellow cartoonists in which they brag about how it take them one or two days to deliver a week of their comic strips. I usually stay quiet and give a polite laugh but secretly inside I say "Damn! One single Yenny strips takes me a whole day to work!"

Needless to say Yenny's design is rather too complicated for a daily rush. Sometimes I slam my head against a wall because of it but at the end is rather rewarding.
I'm really glad that you dig it!

jueves, 28 de enero de 2010


Welcome to Yenny's new front page. This new format allows me to update everything that is happening in Yenny's world. There were too many links running regarding Yenny around in cyberspace and I'm finally gathering all of them together in one page.

This is a fully bilingual webpage, that's why you'll notice that some of the updates are made in spanish.

Anyway, hope you like it around here. If you susbcribe to the blog, you can be part of various of the discussion topics that we'll be talking about.

Nos vemos!!


Bienvenidos a la nueva página inicial de Yenny. Este nuevo formato me permite actualizar la página de una manera más sencilla y periódica. Asi podrán estar al tanto de que es lo que está ocurriendo en el mundo de Yenny. Existen demasiados links sobre Yenny por ahí regados y ya era tiempo d erecojrlos en un solo lugar.

Esta es una página bilingue. Tal vez por eso notará que algunos tópicos están escritos en inglés.

Espero que disfruten su rato por aquí. Si se subscriben al foro pueden interactuar en los tópicos que estaremos tocando.

¡Nos vemos!!