domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

The new format

I'm glad that many of you like the new Yenny format for online reading. I know that the average 600 x 72 dpi size was barely unreadable but I was just following directions. *sigh*.

I created my own "curse" when I decided to draw Yenny in a very elaborate way. Now I understand why Ziggy looks so simple.

I hear tales from fellow cartoonists in which they brag about how it take them one or two days to deliver a week of their comic strips. I usually stay quiet and give a polite laugh but secretly inside I say "Damn! One single Yenny strips takes me a whole day to work!"

Needless to say Yenny's design is rather too complicated for a daily rush. Sometimes I slam my head against a wall because of it but at the end is rather rewarding.
I'm really glad that you dig it!

jueves, 28 de enero de 2010


Welcome to Yenny's new front page. This new format allows me to update everything that is happening in Yenny's world. There were too many links running regarding Yenny around in cyberspace and I'm finally gathering all of them together in one page.

This is a fully bilingual webpage, that's why you'll notice that some of the updates are made in spanish.

Anyway, hope you like it around here. If you susbcribe to the blog, you can be part of various of the discussion topics that we'll be talking about.

Nos vemos!!


Bienvenidos a la nueva página inicial de Yenny. Este nuevo formato me permite actualizar la página de una manera más sencilla y periódica. Asi podrán estar al tanto de que es lo que está ocurriendo en el mundo de Yenny. Existen demasiados links sobre Yenny por ahí regados y ya era tiempo d erecojrlos en un solo lugar.

Esta es una página bilingue. Tal vez por eso notará que algunos tópicos están escritos en inglés.

Espero que disfruten su rato por aquí. Si se subscriben al foro pueden interactuar en los tópicos que estaremos tocando.

¡Nos vemos!!